AWS and the Paradox of Choice

What should AWS do?

  1. AWS must provide a comprehensive set of documentation comparing services that have similar overlapping functionalities attempting to solve the same problem by listing down the pros and cons for each service.
  2. AWS must have better targeting of services based on the customer profile. A citizen lone developer building apps in AWS may have different requirements vs a small startup with 10–20 developers vs a large enterprise having 100+ developers. I would urge better targeting of services and supporting necessary documentation based on the user profile. Every service should communicate how they are different and make it more obvious to the people who are tasked with choosing the right service for the job. If they are already available , it must be highlighted better.
  3. AWS must actively plug feature gaps on existing services and build new features in existing services where ever possible, instead of building something from the scratch all the time. New features in existing services mean less cognitive overload rather than following up on new AWS service day-in and day-out. Prioritising to improve existing AWS services instead of building new ones that try to solve an overlapping problem should be encouraged.
  4. AWS must ensure the limitations of service are well documented. In some cases, service limits are not clearly or explicitly called out. Corner edge cases and known unknowns have to be well documented so that users understand what they are getting into. And this information should be highlighted and not hidden deep inside the documentation. I hope AWS comes up with some governance model around the way how every service should state all of this information in a pretty standard way across services so that it becomes easy to locate and make decisions accordingly.
  5. Many times I see the AWS community reply back to problems that people have with a simple comment: “The wrong solution for the problem”. While in some cases this may be true, AWS must have some kind of shared responsibility when it comes to helping customers to choose the right service. While a lot of choices at the end of the day is a matter of ‘It depends’, I would still expect AWS to provide as much documentation as possible, be transparent in terms of comparison and evaluation of different services so that it becomes more easy and obvious for the customer to choose from.



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Dinakaran Sankaranarayanan

Dinakaran Sankaranarayanan

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